Graphic design of Splice Creative mug


During the summer holidays from sixth form I did a week of work experience here at Splice Creative, and I now work here part time. It was a great experience getting to know how the design and marketing world works, whilst working with such a friendly team.

One of the tasks I completed was designing the Splice Creative mug for clients, pictured above. I thoroughly enjoyed designing this mug whilst at the same time learning about how the complex design software works. The inviting colours of the company’s logo were a big inspiration for the design, and it was something everyone in the company wanted to incorporate into it. Looking at the Splice Creative logo I noticed how it is very clean and modern, so I thought a simplistic triangle design would fit in with the company best. I wanted to create something fun to reflect the company, without over-complicating it, so the triangle geometric pattern with the Splice colours was what I ended up creating. Being able to physically hold something I designed is a wonderful feeling; it was a great project to work on and I’m proud of the outcome.

This task, as well as all the other jobs I was lucky enough to be trusted with, was an amazing introduction to the type of work we do here at Splice. I knew right away that it was something I’d like to progress with in the future – which I wouldn’t know without the help of Kerry, Mark and the team. I really appreciate how they gave me jobs to complete for actual clients, rather than simple tasks that wouldn’t have much effect on the company. I learnt a lot in the short time I did my work placement because of this, and it was very enjoyable to be constantly learning new interesting skills. Working at Splice Creative part time alongside sixth form means I’m carrying on learning and creating, which is what I love to do; I’m very thankful for the company giving me a job and letting me complete my work experience there, as well as several other students in the summer.