Getting the most out of digital


We’ve just spent the last week producing video content for Midwich at the huge Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) event in Amsterdam. It’s the world’s largest exhibition for AV and systems integration with over 1,300 exhibitors from across the globe all of whom are showcasing their latest innovations in the field. Sounds rather glam doesn’t it?

The future really is bright.

From LG’s huge curved LED walls to their stunning transparent OLED signage, Samsung’s giant 8K TVs through to high-end videowalls for cinema in the home, the event was an overload on the senses. Face recognition technology featured along with an interactive projection tunnel from Epson. Giant touchscreens ruled the education market, double-sided LED displays were styled in mock-up shop windows, paper-thin screens were hung high and there was a myriad of large scale digital signage. Wow!

As a Diss-based agency we’re proud to work with Midwich and regularly film and edit video content that is shared with thousands on a range of their channels. Midwich TV made its first international appearance at ISE where we filmed experts from some of the largest tech companies in the world launching products at the show.

Much of what we saw was aimed at the B2B market but much will ultimately make its way onto our high street to be used within businesses to engage with customers and into our homes within a few years.

Marketing your business 24/7

Already we’re used to seeing menus displayed digitally in shops changing automatically at different times of the day. When we go into large businesses we’re often welcomed with a self sign-in reception desk or information screen with the latest news about the business. A digital screen can provide the most flexible banner with a quick ROI.

Retail might be having a tough time at the moment, but our high streets still remain at the heart of most of our towns and cities and businesses need to stay relevant to keep connected to customers. Easy wins can be displaying a screen in your window with content about your business, promotional videos about what you do or even just a montage of high quality photography and key calls to actions. Many of our local estate agents do just that but screens can be utilised by so many more types of business.

Portable touch screen display kiosks make a great engagement tool at events and exhibitions and can be used to entice people into your business, to explore key areas, leave feedback and complete data. All in a way that is likely to make people linger longer at your stand. Displays can be branded to match your company palette and content repurposed as required.

Much of this high end Digital Out Of Home media can be used by local businesses for a relatively low investment and can complement traditional marketing activity.

Being creative on the road

ISE was a huge event and spread over 15 halls which meant I clocked up 40+ miles over the five days and built up numerous muscles I didn’t know I had lugging kit around.

Working at live events is immensely rewarding. I love the buzz of filming, the knowledge you once have one chance to get it right and the excitement of working on the road. Don’t get me wrong I couldn’t do it all the time (I like my own bed too much!) but I enjoy the preparation and the certainty of a start and end point. Most of the projects we undertake have a deadline, but if a client is not ready to proceed dates can overrun but with an event it just has to happen.

If you’d like to have a coffee and a chat about how we can help market your business do get in touch and we can invite you into our studios in Mere Street to find out more.