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If a picture paints a thousand words then video is priceless.

Each day I watch video content in the workplace, countless videos on social media and somehow manage to fit in a 30-minute yoga video on YouTube. All of that plus other forms of digital and print content I’ll consume both professionally and personally.

But what is it about video that makes it stand out?

We like people

Watching a video can give you a real insight into a business and why they do what they do, which can ultimately make you want to work with them.

In an ideal world we would get the opportunity to make all our business communication face-to-face and personalise interactions but this is reality and video is a great substitute.

Whether you are selling the features of a new product or demonstrating how others have benefited from your services in the form of case studies, a lot of information can be conveyed in a couple of minutes.

If you’ve got a great talker in your business they can work a treat in front of the camera and help attract the right type of people that want to work with you. A short recruitment video can instantly show the culture of a business, the roles and progression available, as well as the type of people you’re likely to be working with. All of which can translate into more quality applications for roles and save recruitment costs.

Video can lead directly to sales

Vision is our most dominant sense and as the majority of information transmitted to our brain is visual, it’s easy to see why video works so well. A well-crafted video with graphics can instantly catch people’s attention at a busy trade fair and encourage them to stay longer at an exhibition. It’s an easy way to help start conversations with potential clients rather than thrusting yet another leaflet in their faces to fit in their bulging bags of competing material.

Video makes your website more sticky and the stats show it works. By 2019, video will represent over 80% of all internet traffic accordingly to the latest study from Cisco so if you are not already using video you are probably missing out on sales. It could also be the best ROI you make this year.

Research by HubSpot shows adding a video to your marketing emails can at least double click-through rates, embedding videos on your home page can increase conversion rates by 80% and probably the most exciting stat, 90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions.

DIY v professional

I honestly think there is a case for both. If you already have a loyal customer base built up through social media and other forms of networking you can achieve great results yourself. Try vlogging about your product, giving an insight into your visit to a trade event or a road test of a new service.

There are so many tools out there to polish your content from gimbals to stabilise your iPhone content to free editing software. Before you start, think how long people will watch it for. Be careful, it’s often a lot less time that you think. Monitor the stats and use that information next time.

Sometimes you do need to leave it to the professionals. A complex multi-camera shoot with great lighting, a professional camera crew and editors to colour balance the footage will make all the difference. Techniques used by the producer to keep the viewer engaged over what may be quite a flat or detailed subject will keep your viewers watching and ensure your key message comes across.

A professional video shows you and your business looking your best and can give you content to use across many platforms to engage with potential customers in a range of situations