Office Entrance at Splice Creative


Building a successful brand is much more than having a great looking logo. A great brand identity incorporates a number of elements to give your business a consistent look and feel at every customer interaction. I like to think of it as part of the customer journey and if I have to make too many changes enroute, then a company risks me taking a different direction, often towards their competitors.

Naturally the first step when setting up a new business or starting a rebrand process is to get your visual identity right. Design, colour and typography are subjective and can speak volumes about the type of business you are or who you want to be.

Logo overload

It all starts with a logo which has to look right and appeal to new clients. Think about how many advertisements, logos and labels and average person sees each day? It has to be hundreds rising to thousands on a busy shopping trip! Right from the moment you wake up you'll be exposed to a bunch of logos from turning your alarm off, to taking a shower, making breakfast, watching morning TV, getting ready, checking social media… and so it goes on. All before you’ve even left the house. Try it for yourself. What can you see right at this moment?

If your business doesn’t stand out and connect with your customers you’re off to a bad start so make sure you invest and get that part right.

Immerse yourself in your brand

With your new brand guidelines in hand you can easily carry your visual identity through your website, social media, signage, stationery, uniforms and vehicles but your brand is a story about your business so it shouldn’t stop there.

Every point of interaction with a customer should be consistent. Please do ensure you have a super stylish external sign but look at your internal décor too. Marked magnolia walls, messy desks, walls full of off-brand messages and bored looking staff may subconsciously put people off doing business with you. Even if you can’t afford to use an interior designer think about how you can present your office or shop to make it more inviting and one in which your teams enjoy working. A simple lick of on-brand paint, some new chairs in reception and gorgeous plants are a quick and cost-effective investment. Tear down the clutter and get some professionally designed signs produced to promote your products or work for your clients to see.

The brand culture

From the moment clients step through our door on Mere Street they can see examples of our work. Our yellow, red and grey palette is used throughout and we make them a great coffee in our branded china mugs. When we moved in we encouraged all our team to get involved in the office décor to create a happy, inspiring and bright environment in which we love to work. I’m proud to say even our directional signage to the meeting room and toilets is on brand!

Branding is important as we often choose products based on their perceived value rather than their actual value. With the right branding in place a business can really build connection and trust with their customers which can help retain their business and add credibility when attracting new clients.

Having a strong brand helps you stand out amongst your competition and will give your business a major competitive edge.

The people who work for you are integral to your brand. Share your passions and direction for your brand and most people will get the culture you are trying to promote and why. Your team are your brand ambassadors so help them to tell your story each day – you never know who they may talking to down the pub!