The importance of video in your business

Maximising your business with video

In a modern age full of flashy promotional videos, local businesses can find it hard to project themselves to a large audience without being overshadowed by these multi-million pound adverts. But does that mean you should scrap video altogether?

Video has such a large impact on the world today. It can shape opinions and change views, but most of all, it can grab attention. Forms of video advertising, whether it be an acted advert, a quick interview or even a short montage of your business at work, can be vital in attracting a firm client/customer base.

A company video can be easy to distribute as well, you don’t have to spend a lot to air your production on TV, you can upload it to your website or attach links onto social media posts. With the right tools, your video could help set you apart from the competition you face from other businesses.

An interview helps to bring your business to life, it adds a human feel to your work and allows you to express your ambitions for the business and your pride in what you do. Having a high production value will add to a sense of professionalism which can attract a wider range of clients or customers.

Video also gives you the opportunity for you to show how creative you are when it comes to marketing. It boosts your relativity in a world dominated by audio-visual content. It allows you to promote your businesses values and allows you to highlight the aspects of your work that make you unique, which promotes your business above others in a crowded market.

The attention you can grab with a visual production means a more memorable way for clients and customers to look at your business. Even in a world dominated by big budget adverts, the small ones count just as much.

So if you’re now thinking your business could benefit from the use of video, Splice Creative is the go-to team. Contact us today to find out more, have a chat and discuss how we can help promote your business.