Maximising your business with video

Maximising your business with video

First impressions are everything. Watching a short 30 second video, will leave a much bigger imprint on someone than having a leaflet waved in their face, which will inevitably be put in the bin once out of sight.

Videos can easily be shared across many different platforms, which helps establish your business to a broader range of people. Social media is a huge part of society these days, so what better way of promoting your business, than through the use of video on many different platforms.

Whether it’s on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even TV, millions of videos are watched each day; it’s a huge part of our daily routine, so why not add your company to the mix?

72% of customers prefer video to text for receiving branded marketing information. This is down to the connection built from watching a video, which allows the viewer to begin building trust for you as a company. Your message will always be more effective if they can see the people behind it. Whatever it is your business is trying to gain from a video, discussing a new product or introducing the team, a huge impression can be made in just a few short minutes, without your customers having to leave the sofa.

Using video doesn’t just spread awareness for your brand, it will also boost conversions and therefore sales. A survey by EyeView showed that adding a video to your website can increase conversions by 80%. In a similar study by Wyzowl, 73% of customers who watched an explainer video for a product, later went on to buy it. So why not join the join the 83% of marketers who say video has given them a good ROI?

Splice Creative can help you get the most out of video, with professional filming, editing and post production along with our extensive experience in making you look great on film! Please get in touch to find out more.