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  • Brochure Design from Splice Creative, Norfolk
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The World Association of Detectives is a global organisation based in the USA with the aim of upholding the highest ethical practices among its members worldwide.

The officers on the association wanted an updated version of their Membership Guide and asked Splice Creative to rewrite and simplify the Guide with the aim of making the publication far more user friendly.

Working alongside the Association, we were able to develop the new guide using our professional copywriting experience to clearly signpost key sections, and some striking imagery completed a great new look for the WAD to portray to their members.

To enhance the experience for new members further, a video was commissioned where a key member of the association explained more about their aims and objectives as well as how to make the most of being a member of one of the longest standing associations of its kind in the world.

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United States of America

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World Association of Detectives video